Sunday, December 13, 2009

Soothing Sunday Evening

Remember when Sunday afternoons and evenings seemed to be the time that Mom and Dad would be sound asleep on the sofa or their favorite chair? The kids would be contentedly playing with their Lincoln Logs on the floor or ready to watch the Walt Disney Sunday program? If you do remember this I can guess how old you are and I have certainly dated myself! Oh well, I did celebrate another birthday this past week and as long as I keep celebrating them all will be well.

Tonight at our house my husband is busy reading his paper and if I went out to check has probably nodded off after having a busy day. My daughter and her boyfriend are both busy at their computers at the kitchen table. She is taking a break from Christmas baking...oh I do love that girl!!! And as you just might suspect I am keeping my fingers busy on the keyboard as I write this blog.

I have added a new item and some new photos to Nanna's Knitting today! I am always so happy to have my daughter home so she can model my latest knitting creations and you can see by the photo that we enjoyed ourselves with one of the items. You have to admit that it looks super warm! My knitting looks alright in the photos by themselves but she adds so much sparkle and life to them when I can catch up with her long enough to model. So stop by to check out the latest and to maybe start finishing your Christmas list. It is the best to be able to grab a hot cup of coffee maybe treated with a little touch of Eggnog and sit at the computer nice and warm and no crowds and shop to your hearts content. Most of my Christmas shopping this year has been from my computer and that has made things so much easier for me. Nanna's ships items right away so there is certainly still plenty of time for Christmas delivery.

I hope you have had a lovely Sunday and a relaxing evening. Well I'm off of here to head to the living room and check to see what the Christmas Movie is for the evening. That is one of my treasured traditions for the Season.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Know....I Know!

It is a week until Thanksgiving and yet my brain is racing ahead and I'm not certain but I think I can hear Christmas bells jingling! I don't mean to race past Thanksgiving as I do enjoy that wonderful time of year to reflect on all of those things in our lives that we can be so thankful for. And if we actually took the time to do this believe me that list would be a long one! But my thoughts are racing ahead as I am knitting at super speed or at least I wish it were super speed so that I can put new things into Nanna's Knitting.

I have had a very enjoyable week while working on the new items. First I found that my Amanda Scarf made the front page this week, causing a brief moment of doing the happy dance. Then I created a treasury that is super coated in extra sweet pink items that just looked like they would make great Christmas gifts. I finished a few knitting projects this week and photographed them today. I listed one of these items in the shop tonight and will follow with the others in the next couple of days. So I have been busy and busy is a good place to be right now.

I hope your week is going well and when you get the time maybe grab a hot cup of tea perhaps with a dollop of honey stirred in and park yourself in front of your computer for a relaxing shopping trip at perhaps you will get some Christmas gift shopping ideas and you didn't even have to venture out into the cold or crowds to do so.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faster Fingers

Things I am wishing for first on the list would be faster fingers! I have so many new ideas and projects in the works that it is hard to get them all finished. I guess that is a good problem to have though. I sold one of my trademark scarves this week the one pictured on the left and just finished knitting the next one yesterday so now just to weave in those pesky ends and it will be totally finished. I guess number two on my wish list would be to have a sunny day so I could get new photos taken and then list my newest items in Nanna's shop. So hold on they are coming as quick as my fingers and the weather permits! I hope your week has been a happy and healthy one!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

From the beginning

I have a friend in my Etsy Knitters Team that does a feature article each week on Etsy Knitters and she interviewed me a few months back which motivated me to find a vintage (doesn't vintage sound so much nicer than old) photo of myself that my mother had taken when I first started knitting. I can only estimate that it was taken in the Summer of my 9th or 10th year. I truly love this photo as it captures that little girl image before we become consumed about all of those teenage matters that will later pop into our heads. As a side note here to the females reading this look through VINTAGE or for the younger females recent photos of yourself at the age of 9 or 10 and frame this to display on your dresser or nightstand or perhaps next to your favorite chair. It will remind you of an innocent time when you were full of life and when you hopefully thought that you could do or accomplish anything! I think we all need reminders of that vibrant spirit that once lived within us and maybe it will help us to remember that lovely, courageous, little girl that is truly who we are. Anyway, you can find my friend that takes the time to feature Etsy Knitters at check out her beautiful shop and read her Profile to learn a little about this gifted lady.

So back to from the beginning. My cousin named Debbie who lived next door to me while we were growing up was the person that I can thank for teaching me to knit. We were the best of friends born 10 months apart from each other. She and her sister were the closest that I came to having sisters as I was blessed to live in a home with three brothers. And I truly mean that though at the time of growing up perhaps there were more than occasional protests of all of the boys in my home! I did yearn for that bond that sisters have and having my cousins next door was the best substitute that I could find. At her house they did girley kinds of things like talk about boys, and curl their hair, and dress pretty and knit together with my Aunt. At my house there were trains, and I played baseball with my brothers, and my brothers and I shared paper routes and I truly thrived on all of those things but when it was time to search out some girl time thankfully I could go next door. Debbie taught me to knit while we were sitting on her front porch and though it wasn't entirely love at first sight because those painfully slow stitches surely ripped out at lightening speed. Over and over again! It did become such a part of me that I would feel lost without my knitting. There have been times throughout my life that I did tire of it and need a break of a few years from it. But then my fingers would begin to yearn once again for the tactile and a new project and the softest of yarns would again fill my hours.

That describes the beginning for you and I hope you enjoy the photo that I am ever so grateful that my Mom captured on that Summer day of me knitting on my back porch with the assistance of my cat. I was making slippers for my grandmothers to give them as Christmas gifts and believe me knitting them starting in the Summer was a good idea! Four slippers is a time consuming project for a beginning knitter!