Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bring on the Knitting!

We are once again in the midst of a Winter Storm. Which has me a bit blue as it canceled my trip to Colorado. I will need to fill this week with lots of knitting which is truly good therapy for the emotions! I read that women have used knitting for years to come through times of grieving, hardships and depression. Well, I'm not trying to bring the blog down however, if it has worked for centuries, I'm not going to question the effectiveness. I know for a fact that knitting makes me relax and feel comforted! That is if it is an easy not have to think pattern that one can work on while watching a movie, and not complicated patterns type of knitting.

I'm currently working with a gorgeous yarn that was handspun by Tricia from her yarns are of such wonderful quality and the colors are just so beautiful! I stop by her shop often dreaming of what I would like to order next for upcoming projects.

My first custom order scarf( in the photo above) was finished this week and will soon be on its way to its new owner. It is made from a beautiful Rosewood and Seashell colored combination. For those who would be interested in requesting an item from my shop, if you see something that you like the pattern but would prefer a different color just click on Contact Seller and leave me a message. I would love to see what I can create for you!

Time to pick up my needles and finish a hat for my grandson! I hope your day is lovely!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Off to an Exciting Start

I just found that the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010 are both exciting times for Nanna's Knitting! My Etsy Knitters Team was thoughtful enough to notify me that I had made the Front Page on Etsy on New Year's Eve! It seemed like a great kick-off to start thinking of what might be in store and then I have just found out that on January 2nd Nanna's was on the Front Page again! Both treasuries that were featured had the same item from Nanna's so it is definitely a good forecast for my Cinnamon Toast Neck Warmer. Now I'll do my best to attach a Widget that if it works for me will show both of the Front Page Treasuries. Thanks to and for curating these treasuries. Stop by their shops to see what they offer for sale and enjoy the browse! Sigh....the Widget works great with either photos or a slide show however, it doesn't fit within my blog space. Just when I think that I am learning new things about my computer I then find I have tripped on my own feet once again. Oh well, it is a new year and perhaps I will learn more for 2010.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Wishes for a Very Happy New Year

It's Monday! And I can hardly believe that the Christmas festivities are past and we have entered the New Year. Plus, we have to decide will it be Two Thousand Ten, Twenty Ten, or Two O One O?? I guess that I am not seriously puzzling over that. Pick your favorite and race ahead to the New Year!
A few happenings at Nanna's house. My daughter, husband and I saw our daughter's boyfriend off at the airport on New Year's Eve. Back to England and we do miss him! Then we dropped our daughter off to have her hair done. A little mood boost to keep going is always a good idea! I drove my husband back to work then went to pick up my daughter and run several errands. We came home in the dark which at this time of year doesn't mean that it is late, just dark and oh so soon in the day! It took us several minutes to realize that something was not quite right. When my daughter announced that the Christmas tree had fallen over! Between the two of us we managed with some difficulty to get it in an upright position. I held the tree as she called to get my sweet hubby home. Thankfully, only a few ornaments were broken and none of the very valued. For that I am grateful however or should I say alas...the tree could not be coaxed to right itself and had to be taken down. Serious blues and some pouting over this. New Year's Eve and no tree!!! This from someone who will forever be the butt of jokes about leaving her tree up until she can put Valentines on it. This has never seriously happened, however, I do extend the tree removal as long as possible. So as we celebrate the New Year and what is ahead...please think of me...with no tree to look nostalgically at and remember the Christmas of 2009.
I do have a few new items in the shop and my handsome husband modeling them for me. So take a look at as I will be constantly updating with new items as fast as my fingers can fly to make them.
Wishing you a wonderful, peace filled New Year making special memories with your loved ones!