Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Know....I Know!

It is a week until Thanksgiving and yet my brain is racing ahead and I'm not certain but I think I can hear Christmas bells jingling! I don't mean to race past Thanksgiving as I do enjoy that wonderful time of year to reflect on all of those things in our lives that we can be so thankful for. And if we actually took the time to do this believe me that list would be a long one! But my thoughts are racing ahead as I am knitting at super speed or at least I wish it were super speed so that I can put new things into Nanna's Knitting.

I have had a very enjoyable week while working on the new items. First I found that my Amanda Scarf made the front page this week, causing a brief moment of doing the happy dance. Then I created a treasury that is super coated in extra sweet pink items that just looked like they would make great Christmas gifts. I finished a few knitting projects this week and photographed them today. I listed one of these items in the shop tonight and will follow with the others in the next couple of days. So I have been busy and busy is a good place to be right now.

I hope your week is going well and when you get the time maybe grab a hot cup of tea perhaps with a dollop of honey stirred in and park yourself in front of your computer for a relaxing shopping trip at perhaps you will get some Christmas gift shopping ideas and you didn't even have to venture out into the cold or crowds to do so.

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